Our Voices: A Conference for Inclusive Classics Pedagogy

Gregory P. Stringer
3 min readDec 17, 2019


This is a first-of-its-kind conference to bring together educators and students of all levels interested in making Classics a more equitable and inclusive place.


Announcing the first (hopefully annual) Our Voices conference, a conference designed to bring together primary, secondary, and post-secondary educators and students who are interested in making Latin language pedagogy — as well as studies of the ancient Mediterranean more broadly — a more equitable and inclusive place.

By attending this meeting, you are agreeing to adhere to the SCS Statement on Professional Ethics as well as to future use of recorded images, videos, or audio of any attendee and them to be potentially included on the Our Voices website, social media, and other promotional materials. If you wish to opt out, please email: ourvoicesinclassics@gmail.com.

When: February 15th and 16th, 2020 in New York City, on Columbia University’s campus

Cost: what you can afford. We will have registration options available soon, but the cost will be a sliding scale and registration will be free, so cost will not be a barrier to participation.

Conference offerings: We are currently assembling an amazing lineup of speakers who will be offering workshops, panels, and other activities. As a quick sampling (stay tuned for more information):

  • A Lupercal meeting
  • A Indwelling workshop on Latin pedagogy with Justin Slocumb Bailey
  • A short walking tour of women’s and queer history in New York in Latin
  • Social justice outreach by and for classics students
  • A panel addressing broad and specific movements toward reimagining the field.

Who can attend: anyone who is interested! This is meant as a chance to gather specifically students and teachers who are committed to making Classics (and, in particular, Latin) classrooms a more just and equitable place. We hope to offer a broad vision of inclusivity, directly addressing questions of race, gender, and sexuality, as well as class and other aspects of identity that work to exclude people from the field of Classics as currently constituted.


#OurVoicesInClassics #OurVoices2020

Instructions for Registration Options — Register Here!

Our Voices — A Conference for Inclusive Classics Pedagogy is free for everyone to attend. However, we would like to be able to reimburse our speakers for their expenses and our ability to do so will rely on the generosity of those who can afford to donate. Every bit helps and all money will be given to reimburse speaker/presenter expenses (including travel, lodging, childcare, vel sim.); in the event that donations exceed the total amount needed for reimbursement, any remaining money will be donated to Classics and Social Justice.

Suggested Registration Donation:

Students $20

Contingent $40

Faculty $60

If you are not able to attend this year but still wish to support the event, make a donation!

Please remember that these are only suggestions and we understand that everyone’s situation is different, so please only give what you can afford.

I look forward to seeing you in New York!



Gregory P. Stringer